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In most cases we like to talk to you before making any decisions to join. Fill out the form below and we'll discuss your goals, what we do and generally start getting to know you. We will also arrange either a phone consultation or a time for you to pop into the gym.

What we do isn't for everyone but after our consultation we'll know for sure whether you're in the right place.

We currently have a 4-6 week waiting list. Please contact us asap to secure your spot!

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Foundations Course

Before joining any group sessions we'll take you through a foundations course. Here we'll assess your fitness, strength, mobility, body fat and all things relevant to reaching your goals. After the assessments you'll then be taught the basics and make sure you're confident to join a group class.

We offer 2 courses based on your current fitness level. For those with experience working out for a year or more consistently. And those who have not exercised for a while or not at all! Your foundation will also be tailored to your goals.

Experienced: £180 4 x private sessions.

Beginner: £270 6 x private sessions.

Membership Options

Individual program

You will be taken through an in depth fitness assessment and goal setting course. Here you will meet your new coach and discuss what you truly want to achieve and potentially why you haven't hit those goals so far. Your coach will use this information to design and structure a whole years program, broken down into monthly blocks. Each month you will meet back up to assess and correct, ensuring you're always moving towards the goal.. Or even setting new goals when you hit the first, whether that's stripping body fat for a holiday or becoming a CrossFit Competitor!

Once the plan is set you will be able to use our bespoke gym to train using "Open Gym" slots.

£125 per month.

Aren't local to the Crawley area? No problem! We use high quality software to help coach you via video and monthly meet ups will be done via the phone/live video.


class membership

Simply put .. CrossFit group classes are awesome! You'll get time with the best coaches up to 5 times per week in a motivating team environment. Basically get in the best shape of your life whilst having fun doing it! Our CrossFit classes are designed to improve all aspects of fitness, Cardiovascular, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Speed, Agility, Balance, Power, Coordination & Accuracy.

You will also be assigned a ‘coach for life’. They will personally take care of you to make sure you are progressing as effectively as possible towards your goals. You may work on skill/technique work, nutritional coaching, overcoming weakness, weightlifting specific, goal setting etc.. With this added accountability and focus you will reach your goals faster without a doubt. Having a coach for life is a big part of what we do.

Your membership will be based on how many times per month you train.

£94 per month. 8 x Class slots per month..

£126 per month. 12 x Class slots per month..

£149 per month. Unlimited class slots!

If you have any other questions please send us an email: