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In most cases we like to talk to you before making any decisions to join. On this call we'll discuss your goals, what we do and generally start getting to know you.

If we feel we're a good fit then will also go through which membership is going to get you those results you're after!


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Ready for CrossFit?

We won't delay you getting stuck in! All class members (unless an experienced CrossFitter) must go through a foundations course before attending classes. Transforming your body takes some preparation first.

Here you will get private coaching to learn the basic movements, be assessed for mobility issues, fitness testing and generally get you ready for class!

7 Day FITNESS Kickstart

For those who don't feel ready to join the team just yet!

You're in the right place. We take up to 20 people per intake for our 7 day fitness kickstart. This is an online program that can be done at home/outdoors with minimal kit. Training, recovery days and nutritional guidance is all included.

And the best part .. It's only £1 per day!


Membership Options

Private Coaching

If you're looking for the fastest possible way to reach your goals, then private coaching without a doubt is the way to do it. You'll have a coach focused solely on you and will design your program perfectly for your needs/situation.

Starting at £160 per month. Dependant on goal.

Hybrid Coaching

Want fast tracked results but still looking for the fun and community of group? Then hybrid classes are the answer. You will choose a mix between private and group sessions.

Example: 1 x Private per week ; 2 x Group per week.

Starting at £224 per month. Varies on session choice.


Crossfit 3 x per week

Simply put .. CrossFit group classes are awesome! You'll get time with the best coaches 3 times per week in a group of up to 8. Get in the best shape of your life whilst having fun doing it!

£96 per month. No contracts.

Crossfit Unlimited

Serious about transforming your body? How it looks, feels and performs... You will need to commit 4+ hours per week at the box. This will change your life. Ask around if you don't believe it.

£119 per month. No contracts.


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