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What we do isn't for everyone but after our consultation we'll know for sure whether you're in the right place.

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You will be taken through an in depth fitness assessment and goal setting course. Here you will meet your new coach and discuss what you truly want to achieve and potentially why you haven't hit those goals so far. Your coach will use this information to design and structure a whole years program, broken down into monthly blocks. Each month you will meet back up to assess and correct, ensuring you're always moving towards the goal. You may even start setting new goals when you hit the first, whether that's stripping body fat for a holiday or becoming a fitness competitor!

Once the plan is set you will be able to use our gym space with other like minded members, all lead by an expert coach. The group environment is awesome, we're firm believers in enjoying your training (most the time).

Our goal is for this to be the last gym you ever need to join. No more disappointment or lack of results! With this blend of added accountability and focus you will reach your goals faster without a doubt.

If you have any other questions please send us an email: