step ? - Member lifecycle

We want you to keep improving and gaining fitness throughout your whole training life, not for just 6 weeks! The below time frame is an example of how an average member might look like.

Years 0-2:

Group Class & Coach For Life. After your foundations you will need as much coaching as possible. Learning sound technique for movement is a priority and having a coach seeing you 1:1 regularly will speed this process up. Then by coming to our classes you will become a well rounded fit individual, generally prepared for sport or whatever life may throw at you. Plus your chance of injury, being overweight and disease goes way down when you are fit and healthy.

Years 2-3:

Now you are experiencing a level of fitness you never thought possible. Pushups, Deadlifts, Rowing, Running .. It's the new norm of things you can do! But you've naturally gotten better at some things than others. Or maybe you just love a certain aspect of what we do. Time for some specialist training on top of your classes! Our Coaches run extra 1:1, small group and seminar packages on specialist subjects such as Weightlifting/Gymnastics/Nutrition.

Years 3-4:

The gains you were making have now slowed down (Oh dear..) So you want to take it to the next level. This might be a competition you're interested in or just simply seeing how fit you really can get. You'll need a bespoke 1-2 x per week plan designed by your coach. This will be run in an open gym setting and you can be trusted to move with good technique after all the years experience.

Years 4+:

You are a beast. Compared to the average person you're seriously fit! You might be happy to maintain that beastly level of fitness and continue a mix of personalised plan and group classes... Or

You want to seriously compete! To go up against other beasts in a CrossFit Throwdown. To keep moving forward you'll now need a full 100% personalised program. You accept the loss of fun and community in the classes for continued gains and higher level training.