Jane. Z

"I've spent the last 6 months working hard, dedicating myself to eating well, putting 110% into every workout.

I've had struggles since being about 10 with my body image and eating habits which was all linked to depression and anxiety issues I had. Simply said - I've always been a yoyo-dieter and yoyo-style gym bunny

The best decision I've ever made to becoming more confident and having a healthier approach to life and nutrition is starting at Route 1 Fitness . I couldn't thank the coaches enough for what they do day in and day out. The other athletes are so so supportive and I love the community."


Jon. W

"I used to try and avoid carbs thinking they would make me put on fat. After 12 weeks of nutritional focus and learning how to set up my macronutrients properly, I saw great results!

I felt better fueled for my workouts and dropped body fat. Happy days!"

Dave. M

I have had many meal plans from 'PT's' previously and none of them seemed to be right for me. After seeing you guys do CrossFit, I thought I'd give it a go!

The coaches helped me get back on track with both eating and training.

I would definitely recommend Route 1 Fitness to people (and I have been). It's great for helping people achieve their goals and the tailored individual plans are excellent! Having weekly check in's and having the facebook page where people
offer their advice from experience and encourage you is great."