Congratulations and welcome to the team!

On this page you'll find lots of information to help you get the most out of your membership and some house rules.

Please take the time to fully read through and fire away any questions if you have them.

We understand that ALL of our members come from different athletic backgrounds. Some may have been athletes at school or college, and for some this may be their first time working out.

At R1F we have parents, business owners, builders, teachers, investors and just about any profession and background you can think of, but one thing is the same for everybody.. You have all joined our gym to get in better shape and become a fitter person.

Reaching this goal takes time and sacrifice, and as long as you are dedicated to coming in and working hard, we will be dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Remember, the Foundations Program Is just the start of the journey. It prepares you for what you are about to encounter in our gym, including certain movement patterns, terms, methodology, and the basics of how we do things.

There is still a TON to learn and master, and this can make your time with us both fun and at times frustrating. So please don't get discouraged, we have all been down the same path and our gym is filled with countless resources to help you do all the things that you think may be impossible!


We offer small group classes, led by qualified and experienced trainers. These group classes help promote a healthy, competitive and friendly community, where everybody is going through the same workout and experiencing the same “pain” as the person next to them!

You will find all the members of our community to be encouraging and friendly, regardless of athletic ability. Members routinely cheer on one another, stay late to motivate the people finishing last, give pointers on technique and nutrition and even organize social events outside of the gym.

Our coaches are all professional and always have your health, fitness and safety in mind.

We will follow a similar class structure for almost every class, although each coach will always have the freedom to change certain aspects if he or she needs to. You can always expect to be warmed up, taught the correct technique and mechanics, and then the Workout Of the Day (WOD) will follow.

The classes are an hour long, but you will find that members often come early for extra stretching, warming up and practice some of the more complicated movements while waiting. (Please do not come any earlier than 10 minutes before a class).
When you come into the gym, check out the whiteboard to see what you will be doing that day. You will notice that every person of every class is given scaling options to suite their fitness level. The general movement patterns are the same, however the Rx
athletes may use slightly heavier weights, more advanced gymnastics movements and/or slightly more volume etc...

We encourage all of our athletes to make sure that they can consistently complete workouts scaled first, and then ask a coach to help them make the decision about stepping it up to Rx.


As coaches we strive to get you the best results you've ever had or even may have thought possible.

To do this we need that same level of commitment and energy returned!

Your first few weeks will be tough. Lots of new movements and intensities will make your body ache in new places. Enjoy the process and don't shy away. We will show you methods of improving recovery but at the end of the day .. You will be sore.

Your adherence to the program in the first 60 days is extremely important for long term success. Stick with it and it'll be one of the best choices you've made.

We are big advocates of members booking in private sessions with our coaches. The classes are awesome but nothing can beat pure focus on just you and your goals. For most a regular private each 6 weeks is a great fit. Your coach will be able to set you up for success through nutrition coaching, open gym programming, technique sessions etc.. and check back in with you for a regular slot. Consistently working on your weaknesses and providing accountability/motivation to smash it.

We also offer block sessions for specific goals example: 5 x Privates for Weightlifting.

Get in touch with any of the coaches for more information!


1. Support other members
Route 1 Fitness is community driven. When it rains, we all get wet. We may train as an individual, but we workout as a community. If you finish first, you should be the first one cheering everybody else on.

2. Show up

Be on time, please. It is respectful to the coaches and to the other members if you arrive on time or 5-10 minutes early is ideal. You can also use this time to practice technique and learn new skills! Don't show up way too early either, as we are a small gym space is precious, talking the coach to death whilst they are trying to set the class up isn't great either ;) Burpee penalties for every minute you are late!

3. If you don't know....ask

Our coaches are all professional and here to help you. Ask Questions and you will get answers.

4. Let the coaches coach

Here at R1F we have experienced coaches who know what they are talking about and it's their job to inform, instruct and correct technique. While Support is great, leave the technical advice to the coaches.

5. Injuries

Don't do stupid things; eliminate the unnecessary by listening to coaches and always follow:


Do plenty of mobility and let a coach know immediately if something doesn't feel right.

6. Leave your ego at the door

CrossFit is humbling to everyone. Aim for progression. Trying to be perfect and better than everyone will leave everybody frustrated.

7. Be honest with your effort and results

It is hard to count repetitions and rounds when you are tired, and it is ok if you lose count or forget. But knowingly “shaving” repetitions will not get you to where you want to be, and believe us, people notice.

8. Eat well

We can coach you all we want inside the gym, but what happens outside is up to you. If you come to 5 classes per week, and eat nothing but junk everyday, please do not complain when you don’t get the results that you are after.


While we do take our training seriously, we want everyone to have some fun in the process. We enjoy a laugh as much as you do!


We run a strength and conditioning program that focuses on improving General Physical Preparedness (GPP). Defined as constantly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity. You will run, jump, row, pull, push, throw, lift and use your
body in the way it was meant to be used. The workouts vary from day ­to ­day, and we always push ourselves to find new limits.

The entire R1F program is designed to do one thing .. increase your fitness. Fitness is an increase in work capacity over broad times and modal domains. Or in other words, our ability to move more weight, further distance, faster.

“Cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.”

Everyday life throws so many challenges your way, the known and unknowable. Fitness is measured by your capacity to perform well at these tasks. The fitness that R1F advocates and develops is deliberately broad, general, and inclusive.


You may have seen videos of CrossFitters wearing all kinds of crazy gear and ask whether you need any of these to join the class.

The simple answer is no. Just rock up wearing normal gym wear and you can start learning/practicing technique. You can buy our R1F T Shirts/Hoodies at the gym if you need some new stash! The Reebok store is stacked with CrossFit apparel too.

However, we do highly recommend you eventually get some appropriate shoes and your own skipping rope.

CrossFit Shoes: Reebok Nanos or Nike MetCons.

Weightlifting Shoes: Reebok Lifter or Inov8 FastLifts.

Skipping Rope: Again Faster or SGF Speed Rope

There are many more shoes/ropes on the market but these are considered the best for what we do.

*Please don’t wear any sort of glove, you will build up enough grip strength to never use these again! Also for the Men, please no vests, no matter how big your guns are!


At R1F we use an online system called TeamUp. In TeamUp, you will be able to personalize your profile, check­ in to class, reserve a spot in classes that you know fill up fast, pay for your monthly membership or other products and services that we offer (personal training, seminars, etc).

Open 7 days a week with over 45 class times available and open gym available, we have the flexibility to meet your schedule.
The current schedule is located here.­route­1­fitness/

Please make sure to show up if you’ve booked! The odd accidental no show is understandable but you will be taking up someone else's slot, try your best to cancel sessions when needed and/or post in up on the Facebook group (link further on).

Showing up late will reward you with burpees!


All payments are done online via automatic withdrawal on the first week of each month. Monthly dues will be prorated if you begin part way through the month. We'd hate to see you go but you can cancel your membership with 28 days notice. We do appreciate you coming to talk to us before making that decision however. If there's something we can do to keep you coming, let us know!

You may also request to freeze your membership for one month but we do require the same 28 days notice.

We do not issue refunds. To make changes to your membership, please E­mail us asap at:


On Facebook we have our own private chat group. Here you will see the daily WoD scores go up in the evening, social event details, upcoming seminar posts, recipes and just general chat! 

Please make sure to join as you will miss out on almost everything if you don't!


We've invested heavily in getting the best equipment for the gym. Please help us keep it that way! After working out use the wipes to wipe down your kit. Bars, medballs, rower, kettlebell or whatever it may be, a quick wipe is needed. And if you make a mess with the chalk that's cool .. Just clean it up.

Take care of your own body too! We get sweaty, we work hard .. But that's no excuse for poor hygiene. Deodorant on and a fresh top please people. That's an embarrassing conversation for all involved.


We don't have a big marketing budget, that money is better spent on educating our coaches. So we really do rely on you guys spreading the word for us. We encourage you to post as much as you like on Facebook & Instagram about what's going on in the gym, make sure to tag us in it! And please do tell your friends about us if you feel they'll love it too. You will receive a special gift for any referrals as a thank you.


As much as the coaches love you guys .. Please don't use the office space to get water (drinkable water in toilets), put your kit in, stick your protein shake in the fridge or rock up just for a chat. 

The coach might be running a consultation, answering emails or simply looking to chill out and eat their lunch for 10 minutes. Respect this space and leave them to it, they'll be happy to chat when they're out.


Parking is limited during office hours so please only park in bays marked GF4 or V (visitor bays). If these are not available next to the gym you can park further up near the other end of the building.

We have constant parking war issues with the office above us. It's not worth the aggro and wastes all of our time, so please be aware. (yes I know, it's pathetic)


There’s a plethora of fitness information out there.. Unfortunately a lot of it can be very misleading or simply not true!

Here’s a few of our favourite websites to visit for trustworthy information:

There's a lot of rubbish information out there on the subject. If you need it we offer nutritional coaching and will guide you through the bullsh*t so you can finally take control of your nutrition. For those on premium memberships this can be part of your regular private session. That being said this page is to give some clarity on both nutrition and supplements through evidence based research. Not marketing hype!


Before diving into a nutrition plan you need to have nailed the basics. Please download the following so you have a good foundation to work off of. You'll discover the easy way to ‘supercharge’ shakes, prepare food for the week and create perfect meals every time. Become a kitchen superhero! This is an easy to follow PDF that shows you how.

Another extremely important basic is to consume 1.5L - 3.0L of water per day. Dependant on your size, weather and training schedule.



How do you lose body fat?

To put it simply, you need to expend more energy than you consume. The old school advice of eat less, move more, really is legit. Please don't get caught up in arguments over paleo, keto, low carb, clean eating, fasting, juicing etc..

Are you in a caloric deficit? If the answer is yes, you will start to lose weight.

Losing body fat is simple. But it's not easy! Far from it. Actually adhering to your nutrition plan/systems can be a long term battle. That's why we teach our members to keep things flexible (80/20 rule) and to learn an actual system of eating rather than meal plans. There will be times that strict dieting is justifiable, but for most it should be a long term goal rather than a quick fix.

Keeping your protein in take high is also important. You want to maintain muscle at all costs. Hitting 2-3g per kg of body weight will help retain muscle. Those who are well trained athletes should shoot for the higher end. This will also help keep you feeling full!



To gain muscle effectively you will need to be in a caloric surplus. For those who are weight training newbies you may be able to gain significant muscle whilst losing body fat in a caloric deficit. This will not last very long unfortunately! At some point it's best to decide, fat loss or muscle gain/performance.

Consuming 2g per kg of body weight each day will help ensure your body has the building blocks to recover from weight training and increase muscle size.



Unfortunately most supplements either don't work or they barely make a difference. Don't fall for the hype! There are a few supplements that have been proven over multiple studies to have an impact worth paying for. We only stock supplements the coaching staff themselves take.

Omega 3's


Protein Powder



Open gym is a place to work on either mobility, rehab or a personalised program. We discourage members using the open gym to do 'random' workouts.. It's not what Route 1 Fitness is about! If you want help designing a plan please ask one of the coaches.

We also offer unmanned open gym slots via PIN entry during the off peak hours. This is not part of a standard membership and must be applied for. We want people to become part of the community and learn how to move well before using the gym unsupervised.

Those who do feel they fit the criteria then please email to apply with your reasons why. You will sign an additional waiver before using PIN entry if successful.

All open gym slots will take a slot from your monthly allocation. We have a small space to work with and have seen popularity of these slots grow as we offer more personalised programs. It would be unfair to allow open gym to be a free for all regardless of membership.


12 x pm Membership. You can decide to use up 2 of your 12 slots for open gym. 10 class / 2 open gym.

If you require more slots then upgrading to an Unlimited membership might be the answer!