Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is about developing a lifelong relationship between you and one of our expert coaches to ensure that you achieve your goals whatever they be, to live a long and healthy life or to excel within a sport or fitness pursuit. This isn't just for those people looking to achieve elite fitness but anyone who wants someone to guide them on their journey within health and fitness. The service we offer is unlike anything else you will have experienced and includes:



Understanding what drives you and really defining your goals is key to building a long term road to success and this is what consultation does. This process will really get into everything both inside and outside of the gym to determine your own 'why.'


Annual Programming

We don't use templates or cookie cutter programs, the program your coach designs will be completely individual to you taking into account everything that came out of the consultation process. Your completion of the program will be constantly monitored by your coach to ensure progress.



This is so much more than just what you eat and drink but how you live the rest of your life outside of the gym. Sleep quality, stress and basic guidelines to help you live a fuller life or all part of this process.

How It Works:

Stage 1: Consultation & Assessment

The initial assessment program consists of 4 x 60 minute one to one sessions with one of our expert Coaches at our facility in Crawley, West Sussex.* The assessment will include a full consultation identifying goals and targets, nutrition and lifestyle input and also body fat testing. The remainder of the sessions will be used to assess the client and build a long term plan for their growth including laying out their annual plan and also first block of training and nutrition targets.


Stage 2: Program Design & Completion

Once the assessment is completed we will design your program which will be delivered to you via our online platform - FitBot. This platform will enable to view your weekly programming, add your results, add videos or pictures of your work (for your Coach to assist you with) and includes demonstration videos of everything you will be asked to do. Within Fitbot you can also communicate with your Coach via direct messaging, make use of our nutrition guides and keep track of your goals. Your Coach will stay in contact throughout this time and make sure you are completing your training as planned and make any changes needed to ensure you reach your goals. If you need any help or guidance, your Coach will be there.

stage 3: review, re-assess and consult

Once you have completed your cycle or block of training (usually around 8 weeks) you will consult again with your coach, re-assess where needed and plan your next block of programming in line with your yearly goals and targets. This keeps both you and your Coach accountable to each other to make sure you stay on track.


Assessment package - £180

Includes 4 x 60 minute one to one sessions with one of our Coaches.


Individual Coaching includes program design, consultation, nourishment and lifestyle guidance, video coaching reviews (up to 2 per month) and a 30 minute consultation with your Coach every 4 weeks.

*If you aren't based in Sussex this is not a problem we will complete your consultation via Skype and the assessment process online via our workout delivery platform.