Fat Loss 101

6 Weeks. 12 People. 1 Goal, To Lose As Much Unwanted Body Fat As Possible!

Starting March 26th 1200-1240.


Interesting.. tell me more!

In short, we've put together a nutrition and workout program that is guaranteed to get serious fat loss results, create a more athletic body and boost your energy levels. (all we ask is that you put 100% into it).


Fat Loss 101 is a 6 week plan that consists of:

Nutritional Guidance

Conditioning for fat loss

Weight training (under expert coaches)

Weekly food journal review and weigh ins

A fun group atmosphere with lots of support


What makes us different?

  1. Nutrition. Every week we will focus a session on talking all things diet. You'll learn a system of eating which makes fat loss so much easier, plus you'll be able to take care of yourself in the long term too. You'll have a coach look over your weekly food journal to give you plenty of tips/tricks along the way.
  2. Workout Program. We have designed a strength and conditioning program that will speed up your fat loss, big time! We know fat loss is the primary goal but in addition to that we plan to make you a stronger, fitter and pain free athlete along the way. No other Bootcamps or fat loss classes can promise you that! We have some of the most qualified coaches in the area to teach you the correct techniques.
  3. Coaches. Highly qualified, friendly and experienced. We have thousands of hours clocked of coaching all types of people. We know there's more than one way to get results, this depends on ability, personality, injury etc.. All of which we know how to get the best results out of you. All the coaches compete competitively too, meaning we truly do understand how hard dieting and training can be and will be a great source of motivation/knowledge.
  4. Team Environment. Your coaches have a police/military background. This doesn't mean we're going to pointlessly beast you every day. It means we know how to create a genuinely supportive team of people who share the same goal. We all struggle at times, having legitimate support along the way will keep you from quitting.