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Don't Add Volume Add Specificity

After being open for nearly 4 years now what we have found at Route 1 is that at a certain point (usually after 18 months of consistent attendance of our CrossFit Classes) there comes a point where people hit a plateau in terms of progress and look to add more volume to their training. This isn't everyone, CrossFit is a great way to achieve a high level of fitness and many people may never want or desire to step out of the group training environment. However for some people whether it be a desire to compete or just to achieve more balance in their own fitness there comes a point where they want to add more volume to progress even further.

The tendency within most gyms is for people at this time to add more for the sake of more and think that this will help them get where they need to be. They will generally do this by following either an online competitors program or just doing more WOD's and having less rest. We believe that the way forward for these athletes isn't this.... What we need to do as we advance is add training that is specific to the individual and their own needs, not just more for the sake of it.

We only have so much energy within us on any given day to give to training along with just getting through life, the common misconception people see now is that if they train more (like games athletes) this will get them where they need to be. People often over look the fact that due to it's success for many top athletes this is their full time job, they don't have all the other stuff in life to deal with so can commit everything they have to training all day every day. Plus, all those athletes aren't just adding more for the sake of it, everything is planned out for them on a yearly basis by their own coaches!

What we believe at Route 1 is that what our athletes need at this point are specific goals and a plan, just for them, which address imbalances and get's them where they want to be. These plans will often be focussed on a couple of elements at any one time and will be based very much on traditional strength and conditioning periodization models. Nothing we do will be random, there won't be anything in their for the sake of it, everything will be in there to help them achieve their goals.

Doing this we believe means that our athletes are 'training' as they are working towards short, medium and long term goals which are definable and achievable. If you don't have goals and just add more volume to your training for the sake of it you aren't training, you are just exercising!

The easiest way to add this kind of work to your training is to find a decent coach and work with them on these weaknesses, plus having a coach keeps you accountable and in check at all times. I would compare this too Googling how to service your car and doing it yourself, we all 'could' do this but if we want our cars running in tip top condition we go to a garage and entrust it to people with the qualifications to do it!

If you're interested in personalised programming then please contact me via email for a free consultation. We can sit down over a coffee and figure out what the best way forward is..

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