Basic Lifestyle Guidelines - Work/Rest


As we have grown as Coaches we have come to realise that if we can have a positive impact on the 23 hours in the day when you aren’t in the gym we will in turn create the opportunity for you to achieve more when you are in the gym. Our Basic Lifestyle Guidelines are a template from which you can work towards living a more balanced and productive life.

Most of it you will know, nearly all of it is common sense, but so few of us take this advice on board and apply it properly. The habits we will discuss are an ideal, but we know life is what it is so don’t worry if some days go to plan, it really doesn’t matter as the only thing you can control is how you respond and move forward.

Each week we will discuss 1 of the Basic Lifestyle Guidelines, we welcome comments and questions so please ask away at the end!

Basic Lifestyle Guideline 1 – There are 24 hours in a day, apply work and rest appropriately.

With the onset of the digital age we are constantly at the beck and call of email, WhatsApp, social media, etc. Many people now have jobs where they are expected to take work home or respond to messages outside of work. We need to find balance in the day and find a way to switch off from the stress of work and apply rest properly, so we don’t burn out.

Ways to do this are many but the simplest are set out below:

1.       Respond to emails once or twice a day only. Honestly, when are they ever that urgent? An email is only generally ever someone wanting something from you. Set up an auto reply to let people know when they will hear from you and set those times aside to clear email.

2.       Turn off email notifications on your phone. Don’t be a slave to your phone especially when you are at home. Most modern phones have a do not disturb mode which you can program to come on at set times that will allow certain contacts to get hold of you still. Turn this on.

3.       When you are at home be present with your friends and family and enjoy the time you have with them. Schedule family time like you schedule a meeting and prioritise that in your life that over EVERYTHING else. Common trend here but switch off from the phone especially social media.

4.       When at work apply rest periods appropriately. You can get a Pomodoro Timer (Google it) for your browser that will give you scheduled breaks every 25 minutes for 5 minutes then every 90 minutes for 30 minutes. This is to keep you productive and prevent you from burning out. Bonus points for getting outside on those breaks and taking some big deep belly breaths to get you more relaxed.

5.       Also, when at work plan your day and hit the big things early on! Don’t get sucked into responding to emails first thing, be pro-active, do the creative work, chip away at the big project, this will set you up for the rest of the day.

Quite simply when you are at work, focus and get it done, when at rest focus equally on the idea of enjoyment and fulfilment, leave the stress of work behind. I say this all being someone who is self-employed and constantly struggle on a day to day basis to implement these points. I know the days when I do get it right I feel so much better for it but this, like everything else, is a work in progress I also need to credit my own Coach, Matt Connolly for highlighting many of these points and helping me implement them better in my life.

Please ask any questions or add any tips you have come across to help you in the comments below.

Glen Oliver